Brucon 2014

This Thursday at high noon, I will be presenting my crash dump research at Brucon 2014.  This presentation acts as sort of a chronology of my research, covering each major development since 2012, and is basically this entire website condensed into 57 slides.  I have produced a completely new slide deck with a few updates for Windows 8.1.  I’m also demoing several research tools I’ve discussed on this website, plus a new Windbg extension ‘dmpext’:

  • CrashDD – never before released tool which acts like the unix ‘dd’ tool, but for accessing disk through the crash path
  • LiveDump – user mode tool for creating a kernel crash dump
  • DmpExt – a new Windbg extension I will be revealing at Brucon for exploring crash dump stack information

Hope to see you there!

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